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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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have enough notice and they are real legitimate concerns. if we at the board were to over turn the planning commission's conditional use permit, would at & t resort to those right-of-way on the street poles to achieve the coverage of the gap that you said exist? >> so, at & t does not even have an approved distributed antenna designed approved by the san francisco. this is a pretty clear case. i think we would pursue legal means to pursue this site. we've been waiting 2 years, our federal shot clock is 150 days. if we had noticed through oh omar,
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we worked closely with the planning department, if he gets wind to opposition right before we had our community meeting we held a separate meeting for 3-4 hours to address these concerns, we didn't have that in this case. this is the first time. i think we had 7 or maybe 9 people at the planning commission. it's been almost three 3 years in january. our shop clock is 150 days. we met our legal obligation and we ask that you move forward to support the planning commission's decision. >> thank you. >> colleagues, any more questions? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment . if there is any member from
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the pub protected bike -- public wishing to speak. let's hear from our rebuttals. >> supervisors, thank you for listening to us. we could have potentially resolved this much easier had the problem been approved. i think there is a problem with trust. why do we, the community not trust at & t? how come, why can't they get our trust? not just us, not just our community, each of your communities as they apply, not just at & t but the other carriers they are going to the same same thing. he said she said type situation where it doesn't of to be like this.
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the wts siting guidelines, i think the spirit was excellent back in 1996, but somehow that wholen at the present time has the focus has been lost. there is no accountability to us, the citizens. you are our leaders and we look to you to help us. district 1, with supervisor mar is our leader and each of you have your own constituents. this is going to be a problem. we need to find solutions, residential areas are not where antennas should be. they should be as indicated in the guidelines on public areas, places where people are not living. and it's interesting that the international firefighters association had a resolution that
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prohibits antenna on their buildings. i wonder why? i think there is a problem. so we need to solve this and i really thank you for the opportunity to bring the sub. it is a bird in the saddle. i am for technology, but it has to be right. thank you. >>president david chiu: thank you, colleagues, any final questions for the parties involved today. >> yes, ma i i continue my pictures. i didn't finish. >> unfortunately man -- madam, public comment is closed. >> you will see the picture
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clearly. >> we hear what you are saying. we need to give the member of the public the same amount of time. thank you very much. colleagues any final comments before we close this hearing? >> supervisor mar? >>supervisor eric mar: i want to thank many of the neighborhoods. >>president david chiu: colleagues unless there is any objection, this hearing is now closed. supervisor mar? >>supervisor eric mar: i want to thank everyone for attending. i urge my colleagues to listen to the sentiments of my neighbors. i will be moving to not authorize this. the lack of communication with at & t is a critical part of it. the independent study done by the neighborhood should be looked
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at carefully as well. i appreciate the planning staff walking us through the issues, but in my opinion based on my knowledge of how close sensitive receptors like young from birth to five children are so close to the nine antennas plus the many different restaurants and other activities especially sushi bistro which is one of my daughter's favorite restaurants. it's my neighborhood that we are talking about and my neighbors are very fearful of approval of a project like this. so i ask you to stand with me and my neighbors in rejecting this conditional use authorization decision. so i will move that we disapprove the conditional use authorization. that's item 23 and that we table items 22 and 24. >>president david chiu: supervisor mar has made a motion to
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disapprove the cu, second by supervisor kim. any additional from colleagues. >> mr. president if it's the desire to disapprove the appeal, it would be important to approve item 24. >> let me ask the city attorney if we need to know more. >> deputy city attorney. a number of issues raised that supervisor mar is lack of notice which is a planning requirement. not a codified requirement for the bases of a conditional use. >> so it's not in necessary or compatible based on the evidence in the record and the testimony from the community. >> thank you, and my office
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will work with the clerk to prepare findings for the next meeting consistent with your comments. >> okay. >> so then mr. president, we would not approve item 24. >> item 24 would direct the clerk's office to prepare the findings based on the testimony and evidence provided today. so the board would approve 23 and 24 and then the clerk's office would prepare findings to present at the next board meeting. >> and we table item 22? >> that's correct. >> okay. again, we'll make the motion as has been proposed by supervisor mar and second by supervisor kim ascribed by our deputy city attorney. let's call the roll. >> city clerk: supervisor
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farrell, no, kim aye, tang, no, wiener, no, yee, aye, supervisor avalos? no. supervisor breed. no. supervisor campos, aye, supervisor chiu, aye. supervisor cohen. there are 5 ayes and 6 nos. >> the motion fails. >>president david chiu: i have been adviced by our clerk that a motion to approve the cu would be a motion here. do you want to add anything
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else to that. >> deputy city attorney john gibner, no, the motion to approve item 22, tabling 23 and 24. >>president david chiu: okay, is there anyone who wants to make that motion? supervisor farrell is making that motion. is there an is second to that motion? seconded by supervisor breed. with that let's take a roll call vote. >> city clerk: supervisor farrell, aye, kim, no, mar no, supervisor tang, aye, wiener aye, supervisor yee, no, supervisor avalos, aye, supervisor breed, aye, supervisor campos, no, chiu no, supervisor cohen,
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aye. there are 6 ayes and 5 nos. >> the issue of conditional use is approved. and with that, colleagues, madam clerk could you read the in memoriams. city clerk: today the memory in the following individual for the late mr. sandy segal. >> with that, madam clerk, is there anymore business in front of the board of supervisors? >> that concludes the business for today. >>president david chiu: ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >> -
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>> good evening hello castro welcome, welcome to night two of our celebration we had fun metroing last time and go giants (clapping.) i'm supervisor wiener and i have the honor of representing this district at the board of supervisors it is w with great you honor i present to you our new castro street sidewalks (clapping.) was a few years ago that the government sat down we we said we need to do something for this amazing street that has seen hiv
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negative needs to be approved and the situations need to be wider and we pulled and got it done this is what we have today (clapping) and i've had the honor of living in the castro for the last 17 years and i've seen people in this producing crowd for 20 and thirty and 40 and 50 years they've seen the ups and downs and the good thing about the castro street this is such a resilient community that takes a punch through the gay bashing at worse of the aids etch depg and this community has come through stronger every single time (clapping) and so, now we take our next
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step with this wonderful streetscaping remembering the fire chief but our history we have the ribbon honor clock and the ribbon clock recognizing the lvbt community and the understanding as we move forward we must remember where we've come from as a community i want to take a minute and thank i want to thank the castro community i want to thank the merchants and the residents for being patient through had process this has not been easy it is never easy to do this kind of work thank you to the residents and mvrnt for percent vefr so let's hear it for our merchant and residents (clapping)
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so tonight we're going to celebrate and i want to i'm going to turn it over to an amazing leader in our community a.d. rely of the castro upper market they've been initiate in the project and it's an amazing work let's hear it for andrea. >> thank you all for coming and once again thank you for percent vefr for our merchant and who lost some business i think this is moving forward this is great track and such an improvement so thank you, thank you, thank you and i want to for the people
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that say plans never getting get implemented in 2008, we the cd engaged you all in the streetscape in widening. >> san francisco lavishly one and all. >> to the passage of the great bonds initiative and the hard work of '73 to insure that project got funded we're here to celebrate. >> down with supervisor wiener. >> no one knew really knew how great it was going to be i don't think when we know the r.c. had no idea it is as cool as it really is (clapping.) i want to thank the community benefit board of directors for taking the opportunity to fund the special elements those special elements are going to
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make this project really cool and contribute those are the ribbon cheese cakes and the castro history walk and the changing color of the l e d celebration lights so actual all. >> i want to bring up our great community leaders the first lady donna (clapping.) hello everything thank you, thank you those people are very important to making things happen there's there's a point when i need to leave the stage who's the heckler this is a celebration tonight just want to echo next tuesday let's keep the night about the castro and it's residents and bars and can you celebrate with me?
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>> yeah. >> well, i'm of the mind any celebration is inincomplete complete without a sister of the perpetual indulge you know, i don't go into a church because it might collapse but this is my kind of church for the special indulge and the special sister my joy be with you let's say hey. >> hey. >> let's you guess say hey and hey. >> let's say hey. >> if i had $0.05 for every time i walked through this intersection i call you all here 6 years 5 months three weeks and few days after the idea for this thing got started
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i call you all here two years 8 months, two weeks a few days after dpw finally met to get this strartd now i call you seven months three weeks and few days since the physical evidence work actually started thank you community members, elected officials and mc, cb y and the community riders that stopped the cops and the construction workers the spell checkers (laughter). >> a yeah. >> and for adding white lines on the outside of the crosswalk thank you business owners and thank you green again community
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members it just goes to show when it comes together in collaboration part of my language we can get some shit done let us give thanks for the thousands before us who grandfathered in this intersection in giant protest and agony and sometimes in giant victory. >> yeah. (clapping.) let us be grateful to all those before us who activeism and humankindness and public displays of queerness turned it into the mecca we recognize today so i've been asked to give a blessing ton this special night but reeldz each think of you in attendance is the
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blessing thank you for making this history of this intersection matter thank you for coming to this intersection to take care of yours and in times of joy and sorry let's not ever forget the history of that and ask ourselves what we are doing here in this space it promulgate our history so we're going to take a little moment of time and silence in this silence i want you to think back to your times of joy what this intersection means to you and bring joy to the space and at the end of the silence i'm going to ask you as a community what do we leave for us after us and yell joy so we're going to take 7 seconds
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one second for each game of the world series even though those games lasted for days so come together and focus on this intersection and focus on new and the future and what we've been here (silence). >> what do we leave here ♪ intersection for those who come in the future >> joy. >> well, the giants one i know you can do better. >> what do we leave in the intersection for all two come. >> joy. >> what do we leave in this intersection now. >> joy. >> joy be with all of you thank you (clapping)
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and who's walking off the stage joy. >> i think we're not happy enough i have psychiatristing abilities i feel confusion yes. the sidewalk they have edema view it gets brighter it takes time this took time this took time was it worth it. >> yeah. >> and the castro is worth it in of the money yes. it was our money but b think about the businesses that really, really went through the hard times i feel like we should go up and down the street and spend money we have the opening and let's support the castro especially tonight everything drink eat and
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be merry all right. >> few things make me happier then the men's gay chorus i at north of the theatre right the auditorium so that there is at the north auditorium on the 15 and the princess concert oh, what stated as one concert they said more and more so 5 o'clock then 57 and 7 and 9 the castro theatre that's december 24th. >> (clapping) >> i wish there were here off they're here they're to sing there's one thousand of them
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they're going to be credible i'm not going to be talking but how many of you have been in the courts for less than 2 years. >> how many people have about in the court for more than 10 years it was fun but didn't do much they're to sing two songs one in you don't like it no two whether or not you like it under the direction of timothy let's hear it for the gay men's of san francisco. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that ♪ ♪ ♪ >> if you were gay that would a be okay i mean go hey
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i like you anyway because you meet - i would feel free that was was gay but i'm not gay if you were queer i would still be here year after year because your dear to me and i know that you would attest too if i told you to hey guess what i'm gay i'm happy to be with you if were welcome what you do in
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bed with - if upper straight i shall shout had your ray at you i would get in our way you can count on me to also be beside you ever way to tell you it's okay. you were just born that way and as they say it's your dna you're gay if you were gay
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(clapping) ♪ ♪ ♪ in thursday night at the castro i am already if i get to the break of dawn thursday night at the castro i know one night on the floor something - i want more go to the castro i'm going to go to the castro i'm going to go to the castro to the castro that's where i want to go at the castro i enjoy the castro you're going to go and go i want to go to the
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castro i want to go to the castro i want to go to the castro clap i want to go to the castro i want to go to the castro in san francisco a gay man in the castro thursday night at the weekend gave me i'm already if i can do it - thursday night at the castro i won't - someplace hey, i have to confess i want more thursday night thursday night thursday night thursday night
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thursday night thursday night (clapping.) wow. the san francisco gay man's chorus let's hear it for them they know how to light a fuse their handsome the second song was hard to believe i'm not gay i didn't fool us but i look out here and see the people that love the castro and want to celebrate you're welcome to come starting with the what are we're going to do do it as part of the community and not an invasion already the san francisco giants something happened this week you look like yourself you've been out the san francisco one the world


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